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We are building a world where everyone has a place, a role, a task, and everyone is valuable.

We could say that Salva Vita Foundation’s birth was an accident – but we do not believe in such accidents.

Let us tell you the story. Back in 1993, the founder of Salva Vita, Mrs. Andrea David went for a job interview and she got off the bus one stop too soon. By mistake, she rang the bell of a residential home for disabled people. Meeting them for the first time, she decided to help these people.

She has established a foundation to support the employment and independent living of people with learning disabilities. Her dream was to live in a society where disabled and non-disabled people live together in an evident way and everyone has his/her important role in the community.

We are helping people with disabilities to live a full life and become an active and valuable member of our society. We support them to find their way to conduct their lives on their own, to find suitable job and manage their social relationships.

We are assisting companies to welcome these people well prepared as a future employer.

We believe in the power of encounters.

I support Salva Vita and people with disabilities!

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Our core values


We assist individuals to make decisions on their lifestyle and participation in society. Individuals are centrally involved in the planning, evaluation and development of services.


We are committed to values such as diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities.


We believe in the power of personal encounters that break down the boundaries between people.


We regard each individual as unique, with his / her own interests, preferences, conditions and life history.


Our operation is fully transparent.


Our activities are always age appropriate, dignifying and enhancing.


We assist individuals to understand their opportunities fully so they can choose consistently within their preferences and with an understanding of the consequences of their choices.


Staff and organisational structures are able to change according to the needs of service users. Services are flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals and can be adapted to meet specific requirements.


Our services, facilities and information are fully accessible to all people with disabilities.

Services for disabled people

Finding a job with us is teamwork because we will hold your hand all the way from the first moment to the employment.  How can we help?

  • We decide together what kind of job we are looking for.
  • We help you to prepare for the job.
  • We assist you in job searching (e.g. CV writing, job interview preparation, counselling, etc.).
  • We assist you with the official paperwork for employment.
  • We support you when you sign your employment contract.
  • We support you when you learn your tasks and work with your colleague.
  • We will be with you all the way when you need any and assisstance regarding your job.



Services for Employers

Do you want an inclusive workplace atmosphere where everyone can find their place and develop their skills? Choose one of our service!

  • Audit that helps to create an inclusive work environment.
  • Awareness raising workshops that provide an opportunity for co-workers for experiencing the social model of disability.
  • Employee placement services that help employers to find the right employee.
  • Awareness-raising programs that support to pay particular attention to the issue of equal opportunities at the workplace.
  • Easy-to-understand translation that makes complex texts easier to understand for people with comprehension difficulties.
  • Rehabilitation outplacement that supports discharged employees through personal development process in order to help them settling their situation on the job market.

International cooperations

L.I.K.E. project –  funded by EEA and Norway Grants  – aims to improve the social inclusion and employment of NEET youngsters by studying the status of these young people, developing, experimenting and applying an innovative methodology that meets their needs, and engages the whole community – relatives, employers and institutions – in the process. 

TRAIN THE COMPETENT project – funded by Eu through Erasmus+ program – contributes to improve the employability chances of adults with disabilities by providing them a modular training to develop their skills and competences to become co-trainers.



Social Enterprise

Where can you find us?

Szeglet is much more than just a venue for events. Beside the services provided by the café and conference rooms a unique gastro kitchen suitable for cooking together, organizing team building events also available. The Community & Experience Space is operated and managed by Salva Vita Foundation, whose main profile is supporting disabled people finding a job on the open labour market. One of the key elements of Szeglet is the employment of people with disabilities through small businesses operating in the building.

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