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I support Salva Vita and people with disabilities!

Being able to help is a privilege and a great pleasure at the same time. Experience your power, and that you can actually change someone’s life and make the world a better place!

Your regular or one-time donation can support disabled people who are determined to find a job and live independently. With your help we can help them to make their dreams come true. You wonder how? By means of our personalised services such as:

  • we provide information on possible cash benefits and administration
  • we assess the skills of our clients and build on their strengths while looking for a job
  • we support their job finding with various trainings and job taster opportunities
  • we organise divers programs to develop social, communication or other skills
  • we help to write a good CV, to look for a job or to prepare for the job interview
  • our job coaches support our clients throughout the whole job finding process and during the first period of employment
  • we provide independent living counselling, training and leisure activities

Your donation helps us to provide the above services tailored to the needs of each client. Thank you!

Donation Guide

If you want to make a one-time donation, choose an amount in the left column. (amounts in HUF)
If you would like to support our work regurlaly, choose an amounts from the right column. (amounts in HUF)

Write your last name in box called Vezetéknév.

Write yoor first name in the box called Keresztnév.

If you want to donate anonymously, tick the first box.

Don’t forget to tick the last box (General terms and conditions, Privacy Policy)

If you are a Morgan Stanley employee, please, indicate this in the personal message (Személyes üzenet) box.

The Adományozok button directs you to the simplepay interface.

Do not be surprised if you receive our Thank You message from the platform! This site operates our donation activities. Your donation has landed on the right bank account.

Congratulations! You have just made someone’s dream come true!

Thank you!

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