Our story

We could say that Salva Vita Foundation’s birth was an accident – but we do not believe in such accidents.

Let us tell you the story. Back in 1993, the founder of Salva Vita, Mrs. Andrea David went for a job interview and she got off the bus one stop too soon. By mistake, she rang the bell of a residential home for disabled people. Meeting them for the first time, she decided to help these people.

She has established a foundation to support the employment and independent living of people with learning disabilities. Her dream was to live in a society where disabled and non-disabled people live together in an evident way and everyone has his/her important role in the community.

Year by year we have extended our service according to the needs of our clients. Today we welcome people with all kinds of disabilities to use our Supported Employment services.

We have developed several services for the employers as well so that they are well prepared to accommodate to the needs of their future employees with disabilities. We provide them with services such as: recruitment and selection, job profiling, trainings and so on.

Since 2010, we invite employers to develop their practices to provide a real carrier chance for disabled employees. We award best practices each year with the Disability-smart Award. Donors of the Award are the Ministry of Human Capacities; American Chamber of Commerce; European Foundation for Quality Management – Budapest office; Salva Vita Foundation.

We want to show society that disabled people are valuable members of our community. In our Shop with Heart webshop, we sell high quality design and gastro products made in sheltered workshops, produced by disabled people.

The Jobshadow Day provides an opportunity for disabled people each year to try out their dream-jobs and show their capacities for both the employers and the whole society.

In 2010, we initiated the establishment of the Employers’ Forum on Inclusion that is an expert and lobby forum of employers working for the inclusion of all potential employees with a disadvantaged background.

Salva Vita is an accredited adult training organisation. We organise various trainings for disabled people, for rehabilitation and disability experts, and for employers.

Our core values are transparency, high quality, authenticity, legality and client focus.

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